Future Improvements

This is a list of things I want to add in the future. You’ll have to consider that this app is a side project that I’m not getting paid to make. As a result, I develop it in my free time so many things here may take a long time to become reality.

If you think of something else you let me know.

  • Improve the user experience. At the moment it’s pretty hard to add custom filters in the App if you don’t have a programming background. What we can do:

    • Add display name for the filters. Right now we display only the value. For example, the Set filters display a number 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.. This doesn’t make much sense.
    • Add windowing with react-window in the predefined filters/filter groups. (Done) That way the will be more compact and we can add a ton more filters so users don’t have to create them manually.
    • Add drag & drop. It would be nice to be able to drag and drop the filters wherever you like but it’s not a priority. That’s because it will bloat even more the filter objects in the global state.
  • Test the app. Maybe react-testing-library will be helpful?
  • Make this project open-source on GitHub.
  • Improve help section. More examples, more resources maybe?
  • Make card details modal into different pages for better SEO and back button navigation. We talk about 2000+ new pages. No problem though it’s easy with Gatsby’s node API’s. The drawback is that we end up with an inconsistent design and we’ll have to do the same with the rest of the modals/dropdowns.
  • Make all modals, dropdowns and sidebars different pages for back button navigation (and SEO?). It’s kind of hard to do this because we’ll have to add a ton of new state (search input - react-window viewing location, UI state) in global state.
  • Sidebar and filter dropdown are not fully accessible.

    • They are not hidden when not in screen.
    • They is no ESC key listener.
    • There rest of the page content is accessible when they are in focus.
    • When they open the focus doesn’t jump into the new content. Some of that stuff may apply to modals too.
  • Add Disqus comments in this page so people can ask stuff directly.
  • Try mdx for better developer experience in help pages. Not sure if this is necessary.

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